We can conduct SMETA audits anywhere in the UK for £650* per day.

Our price includes all travel and subsistence.

*Additional charges apply for SMETA templates from SEDEX.


Social compliance auditing

Social Compliance auditing entails visiting factories, farms or warehouses to ensure that legal, salary, health & safety standards are being met in relation to the employees. During an audit (often conducted unannounced) the auditors will spend one or two days touring the site, interviewing management and workers, reviewing payroll/working hours, employee training records and procedure documentation. An audit report is then issued within five working days which includes a list of any issues found and any recommended corrective actions that need to be addressed.


Verisio has a team of specialised social compliance auditors  who visit many sites every day  as part of our programs for major brands, retailers and fast-food companies.  In the United Kingdom we regularly find the following issues which are considered indicators of Modern Slavery risk:


  • Deduction of Wages in some form or other.
  • Non-payment of National Minimum Wage.
  • Holding of identity documents or bank cards. 
  • Workers pressured into involuntary overtime.
  • Migrant Workers forced into unsafe/cramped dormitories.
  • Restriction of freedom of movement.
  • Bullying by labour providers or employers.
  • Sexual harassment or similar.

We can help

Verisio can add transparency to your supply chain with our tools and expert social compliance auditors. Click this button to contact us for more information and a demonstration of Optimus - our cloud-based supply chain management platform.